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  • Fish: An Enthsiast's Guide by Peter B. Moyle. Unifersity of California Press.
  • Field guide to freshwater fishes of California by Samuel M. McGinnis. Contains some of the only knowledge there is about the Sacramento Blackfish (on the web).
  • Centrarchid Fishes: Diversity, Biology and Conservation by Steven Cooke, and David P. Philipp - 2009. Told me much about the Sacramento Perch.

Web Resources


  • Affnan's Aquapnonics - Affnan's 'Topic of Interest' Section provided the original concept for the simplified ebb-and-flow system used in the prototype.


  • Aquaponic Solutions - Wilson Lennard's aquaponics website provides consulting services and useful guidelines for home aquaponics systems.
  • Aquaponics HowTo - answers a number of important questions about aquaponics.

United States

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